As the quest for 51 continues, one cherishes each run. Some more than others. Here is my personal ranking:

  1. New York (It's wonderful to run with the crowds, the roar coming into Manhattan is incredible, Central Park is lovely.)
  2. Kentucky (A transformative moment shared with Rachael.)
  3. Maine (A nice, cool day on which I set my PR)
  4. California (A milestone day in a magical place with Rachael.)
  5. Montana (The cold mountain start in my home state with lifelong friends.)
  6. Washington, DC (Running along the Mall and into the mists of the Potomac is beautiful.)
  7. Pennsylvania (A wonderful cool day in a fascinating town with family close by.)
  8. Missouri (Beautiful course, St. Charles is funky, fantastic weekend of meals)
  9. Indiana (Crossing the 50 yard line at Notre Dame Stadium at the finish.)
  10. West Virginia (They gave me a football at the finish.)
  11. Alabama An epic weekend with family and friends.
  12. Louisiana University Lake is beautiful.
  13. Arkansas Extra-ordinary hospitality in a small town trying to survive in fly over country.
  14. Nevada (Beautiful views of Lake Mead, a cool day and a fast pace)
  15. Michigan (trail running is fun and easy on the body, Superior is blue and clear.)
  16. North Carolina (A day with an unexpected friend ending with a hard lonely run through the sandhills.)
  17. Illinois (The crowds, the lake front and the city were beautiful.)
  18. Virginia (friendliest marathon in America)
  19. Ohio (The playful spirit of the Flying Pig.)
  20. Utah (I got to spend some time with family and some time coming into the valley. Finished on the parade route.)
  21. Massachusetts (Boston is Mecca for marathoners, but it was a hot frustrating run.)
  22. Minnesota (It was hard first run, but the leaves were beautiful and Rachael joined me at Macalester.)
  23. Oregon (Finishing in Hayward Field)
  24. Arizona Extremely well organized, beautiful scenery, a bit hot and dry.
  25. Wisconsin (The finish at the art museum is fun.)
  26. Florida (beautiful, unique city, well-planned).
  27. Maryland (Baltimore is funky, like Durham. Nice to know the city better.)
  28. New Jersey (smooth, laid back run with a great dinner)
  29. Tennessee (City of New Orleans to Memphis)
  30. Missisippi (friendly run)
  31. Delaware (too much concrete, but friendly organization)
  32. South Carolina (hot, great time with family)
  33. Vermont (too much of everything, but travel with Rachael is fun)
  34. New Hampshire (beautiful course, friendly small crowd, but tough personal run and too much traffic on course)
  35. Georgia (Oh Atlanta!)
  36. Texas (Austin is the nicest place in Texas)