Identities of David Brady



Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chief Scientist, Applied Quantum Technologies
Founder, Blue Angel Optics
Founder, Centice
Founder, Distant Focus

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 90291
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708
fax:(919) 660-5293

Among approximately 300M Americans, there are approximately 888 David Brady's. The probability of a David Brady among the 47,378 people killed in action in Vietnam was 13% The probability of a David Brady among the 2,819 peple killed in the September 11 attacks was 0.83%. In these statistics one sees the basic property of a David Brady. We exceed expectations.

The site provides an analysis of the name and a map of the national distribution. David brady is sandwiched between Christopher Walker and David Cannon as the 12,339th most popular of 47,032,010 names in the US. California, Florida and Texas have more than 20 of us. Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, New Hampshire and North and South Dakota have none. There are also none in the District of Columbia, where our presence is sorely needed.

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